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When your computer shopping for a new laptop it’s easy to get lost in all the specifications, it’s hard to know what you need for your uses especially if you haven’t bought a new laptop in a while. I’ll help you in knowing what you need for all your needs so you can have the best laptop for your money.

What matters most is…

Watching movies and listening to music. Then you need a laptop with a big hard drive something like 320-500GB. Entertainment laptop computers

Internet browsing and e-mail. If you are only going to use your laptop for Internet and e-mailing then your money is best spent on a laptop like the Acer Timeline or just get a netbook.

Running Windows Office applications e.g. Excel and PowerPoint. Owning a business level laptop is heavily recommended with most of them coming with Windows Professional OS pre-installed.

Need a laptop for work? We do cover the best laptops for graphic designers as well as other professions that require powerful computers.

Laptop Computer Planet is here to cater to you and your computer needs. Our reviews are unbiased and outline all the things you look for in a new laptop. We cover only the best laptop’s from brands like HP, Dell,Lenovo, Alienware, Sony, Apple, Acer and many others. Browse around and check out our reviews here.