AMD C-60 APU Details Leaked, ‘Turbo Core’ Performance Feature Spotted

Posted on 17. Apr, 2011 by in Industry News, Netbooks

AMD Fusion APUThe Ontario family (C-series) of AMD Fusion APUs (Accelerated Processing Units) will be gaining a new member soon according to a new report by Macles. The new chip named AMD C-60 is a 1.0 GHz dual-core processor and has the Ontario standard AMD Radeon HD 6250 discrete-class GPU that is clocked at 276 MHz. But the C-60 has something other APUs, including the Zacate family or E-series APUs, have not had and tha is Turbo Core.

From the report published this Sunday Macles shows that with Turbo Core the C-60′s CPU clock speed gets upped to 1.33 GHz and the GPUs clockspeed climbs to 400 MHz. From the info provided the Turbo Core feature can be likened to the Turbo Boost featured offered currently by Intel in their Core i series of processors. Both Turbo Core and Turbo Boost look to share the capability to self-overclock when performance is needed.
AMD Fusion APU Ontario with C-60 As Macles notes in their report the info presently available is just numbers. What is need now is a demonstration of what the Turbo Core feature does for system speed and power consumption via real-world benchmarks. Just from the figures proposed there is a bump of 33% in CPU power and a 44% jump in GPU power with Turbo Core.

AMD hasn’t said anything official about expansion for the Ontario and Zacate APU lines just yet, but I feel they will before or during the Computex convention in Taipei this Summer. At Computex 2010 if you can remember AMD gave the first demonstration of a Fusion APU.


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