13-inch ARM Powered ASUS Laptop With Google’s Android In The Works, Report Claims

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ASUS 13-inch ARM Powered Google Android Laptop RumoredHow do you feel about an ASUS laptop size 13-inches, with an ARM processor, and Google Android OS? Whether it be a good idea or a bad one, ASUSTek Computer Inc. is rumored to have a laptop with those specifications in the works for their ASUS brand.

Taiwan tech news establishment DigiTimes, is report that not only is ASUS looking at larger ARM powered laptops, but Acer, Samsung Electronics and Toshiba are all looking into such products. Those big names could launch ARM powered notebooks before the years is out, according to DigiTimes sources.

For the ASUS laptop the ARM based processor of choice could be an NVIDIA Tegra series SoC. At the moment all of ASUS’ ARM based products run on NVIDIA Tegra series SoC’s. Italian ASUS fan site Eeepc.it points out that a potential ARM powered ASUS notebook could run on the upcoming quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 SoC (see a demo of the Tegra 3′s performance).

At this time it’s too early to say anything is certain, technologies are always evolving and who’s to say what’s good now will be good enough by years end. Also ASUSTek Computer Inc. hasn’t formally a prototype notebook running on ARM with Google Android OS installed, and nobody at the company has announced anything is being worked on either.

The earliest time I could see ASUSTek showing anything is sometime before CES 2012 or right at CES 2012. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is the unveiling ground for all new consumer electronics for big-names like ASUSTek. During this years CES 2011 festivities ASUSTek unveiled their first ASUS brand Google Android and Windows 7 slate tablets. Who’s to say they can’t announce the first ASUS brand Google Android laptop at CES 2012?

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  1. Lightweight

    25. Jun, 2011

    I, for one, am looking forward to it heaps. Will run a proper Linux on it, but Android would probably be good option for non-technical users.

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