ASUS ROG gaming laptops with NVIDIA’s next-gen. GTX 670M GPU are on the way

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ASUSTek company buildingAsustek Computer Inc. makers of all things ASUS are readying their next generation Republic of Gamers laptop computers as I type and we’ve got an early peak at what the Taiwanese computer maker has in store for us all.

The next Asus ROG gaming laptops that Asustek will be launching will feature central processors from Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge processor family. With Ivy Bridge gamers will get to enjoy processors that not only perform better than last years Sandy Bridge processors, but they get more power efficient chips with better integrated graphics as well.

Other than having new Ivy Bridge processors Asustek will also include NVIDIA’s upcoming GeForce GTX 670M discrete mobile graphics chip. NVIDIA hasn’t fully detailed their next gen. 600 series GPUs but we do know the new range of graphics processors will feature 28nm Kepler processors. With the 28nm Kepler chip the 600 series of GeForce GTX graphics cards should be more power efficient than the previous years Fermi graphics card which featured a 40nm sized chip.

Asus ROG G75 sneak peekAccording to scoops from Notebook Italia the first new Asus ROG gaming laptops to feature Ivy Bridge and NVIDIA’s Keplar GPU will be the 15.6-inch G55 and 17.3-inch G75. The Asus ROG G55 and G75 will feature Full HD displays that are 3D ready, and I assume both displays will run at 120Hz to make smooth 3D gaming possible.

Asustek is also said to be including 16GB of DDR3 RAM @ 1600MHz, up to 1.5TB of hard disk storage @ 7200RPM with the option for a 256GB SSD, a Blu-ray player and burner will be optional, 5.1 audio support comes built-in, the keyboard is inclined in a way to ensure comfort during long gaming sessions, there are going to be two main fans for ventilation that will feature easy-clean filters, Asustek is going to pre-install Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit in each system, and the total weight is said to be 4.3 kg (9.47 lbs.) for both the G55 and G75 laptops.

The overall design of the G55 and G75 isn’t supposed to be too different from the current crop of Asus ROG gaming laptops. Which is a good thing if you like the aggressive styling of machines like the Asus ROG G73.

Current reports indicate we should expect to see the Asus ROG G55 and G75 laptops in stores this April. That’s a long way from now, but seeing as Intel and NVIDIA aren’t exactly shipping their new products it’s impossible for Asustek to have their G55 and G75 available much sooner than April 2012.

Pricing isn’t known at this time, but taking into consideration how previous Asus ROG gaming laptops have been priced don’t expect the starting price to be lower than $1,000USD for the G55 or G75 laptops.

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  1. Lloyd

    27. Feb, 2012

    This is exactly what I have been waiting for. Hopefully all the rumors and fanfare pan out and we will see good performance with a 22 + 28nm mix.

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