Toshiba improves styling and adds glasses-free 3D with new Satellite P series laptops

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Toshiba Satellite P750

The Toshiba Satellite P750 is one of the current Satellite P series laptops. Image: Toshiba

The Toshiba Satellite P series is Toshiba’s high-performance range of laptops, as-per the companies own website The Satellite P series is a two steps above Toshiba’s most basic classes of laptops but just under the companies premium ultraportable Satellite R series. With the Satellite P series Toshiba tries to offer their customers access to fast processors and discrete graphics as well as Blu-ray.

With all the performance options you get with the Satellite P series you don’t really get high-end designs at the moment. The current line-up is designed as cheaply as the cheaper Satellite laptops from Toshiba. With their new and improved Satellite P series laptops for 2012 Toshiba is looking to bring styling up to par with the higher-end features of the laptops.

The first major change with the 2012 Satellite P series laptops from the 2011 models is the brushed aluminum accents on the lid of the laptops and around the keyboard and palmrest areas. With the aluminum design the new Satellite P series will be a great deal more rigid (not too much flex with pressure applied) and the laptops look good as well.

The new Satellite P series gallery:

Looking past the new Satellite P series looks the features are still going to be something performance buyers on a budget will be excited to see. Toshiba is promising the latest Intel processors, NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphics, DDR3 memory support, up to 1TB hard drive or 750GB hybrid drive with an 8GB SSD, HD LED backlight screens with optional glasses-free 3D, Blu-ray player and writer options, Harman Kardon speakers with  SRS Premium Sound 3D, and only USB 3.0 super-speed ports (four in total w/ two being sleep-and-charge ports).

Other features that are going to be included with the new Satellite P series laptops include Backlight keyboards, HDMI output, VGA output, integrated Full HD webcam that has face recognition capabilities that are utilized to make glasses-free 3D work with the laptop, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, and Bluetooth 4.0.

Right now  Toshiba is committed to offering the new Satellite P series in four major models which range in size from 15.6-inches up to 17.3-inches. The 15.6-inch models will include the Toshiba Satellite P850 and P855 and the 17.3-inch models will be the Toshiba Satellite P870 and P875. The new Satellite P series will be available for purchase in the second quarter of this year (a few months from now) with prices starting at £599 (no USD price has been revealed by Toshiba at this time).

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