Samsung Unveils New Premium Laptops Coming In 2013

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Samsung LogoDuring 2012 the consumer market was offered a wider variety of powerful thin and light laptop computers with the introduction of Ultrabook’s. A Ultrabook as described by its creator Intel is a laptop computer that is not only thin, light and powered by their latest Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge processors, but the new class of laptops also has more modern styling that competes with Apple’s Macbook Air and new thinner Macbook Pro’s.

Thanks to the Ultrabook consumers looking for a powerful full-sized laptop that features a good-looking design were treated with more options as all the major PC manufacturers began releasing new re-designed 15-inch and larger laptops. Samsung is one company that released more than their fair share of new stylish and powerful laptops in 2012.

For Samsung one of their most popular creations was the Samsung Series 7 Chronos notebook and Series 7 gaming notebook. This week Samsung revealed details on the new models that will supplant the 2012 Series 7 line-up. For CES 2013 Samsung revealed this week buyers will get a first look at two new models the 15-inch Series 7 Chronos and 13-inch Series 7 Ultra. The Series 7 Chronos is a direct successor to the 2012 Series 7 Chronos with a new design and new features, meanwhile the Series 7 Ultra is the first Ultrabook in the Samsung Series 7 family of laptops.

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According to the details revealed by Samsung the main improvements made with the new 2013 Series 7 Chronos laptop include a thinner design (0.82-inches with the new model vs. 0.94-inches with the old model) and a new performances technology from AMD. The new performance technology from AMD is called RAMaccelerator and it’s said to offer users up to 150 percent faster web browsing and general application speeds.

Other features mentioned for the Series 7 Chronos aren’t all that new, but everything mentioned so far make the new Series 7 Chronos look like a very nice laptop overall. Those other features include access to the new  AMD Radeon HD 8870M graphics engine and 2.4GHz Intel Core i7-3635QM processor, a 1080p Full HD display with 300-nit brightness and the eventual option for touchscreen functionality for Windows 8, up to 16GB of RAM and 1TB of hard drive storage, JBL branded speakers, and up to 11 hours of battery life.

The new Ultrabook Samsung Series 7 Ultra is a brand new product, so the design really can’t be compared to many of Samsung’s other laptops. The photos below give an example of what consumers can look forward to seeing when they go to check out the Series 7 Ultra in-stores later this year:


With the Series 7 Ultra Samsung is promising consumers a beautiful thin and light laptop that features a full aluminum body. However a good design isn’t all that Samsung saw fit to provide consumes with when it comes to the Series 7 Ultra. The new laptop will also feature a 13-inch Full HD display with 350-nits brightness a 178 degree max. viewing angle and the option for touchscreen functionality for Windows 8, the latest Intel Core i5 and i7 mobile processors, the AMD Radeon HD 8570M 1GB GDDR3 discrete graphics, up to 256GB of SSD storage, optional built-in 4G LTE connectivity, JBL branded speakers, and up to 8 hours of battery life.

At this time there is no set availability date or starting price for either of the new two new Series 7 models. However Samsung is bringing the new Samsung Series 7 Chronos 770Z5E and Samsung Series 7 Ultra 730U3E to CES 2013, so more news is sure to come on these new models once CES 2013 gets going this coming week.

Samsung Series 7 Chronos and Ultra specs[Samsung] [Via]


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