Revolutionary Windows 8 Hybrid Laptop Tablet Teased, Coming Really Soon

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 01

The 13.1″ Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Image: Lenovo

When rumors started to fly about Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system everyone was talking about how drastically different certain aspects of the operating system would be compared to what we all knew, Windows 7. Last year Microsoft finally launched Windows 8 and since then they have done their best to get everyone used to the new touch-friendly look of Windows.

Their hardware partners have assisted Microsoft in their push for more touch interaction with Windows 8 PC’s by launching many new computers that feature touchscreens in revolutionary hybrid designs. All of the major PC makers now have at least one Windows 8 powered laptop computer that features a touchscreen and a few of the major innovators have come up with very cool laptop/tablet hybrid designs.

Some of the more popular hybrid Windows 8 notebook computers include the Lenovo Yoga 13 and Dell XPS 12. The Lenovo and Dell hybrid products do the same thing essentially, turn your thin and light laptop into a tablet PC by adjusting the display, but with different designs. The Lenovo’s 13-inch display folds backwards thanks to a new hinge design that allows for a full 360 degree rotation of the display without causing any damage to the computer. As for the Dell XPS 12 that particular model has a hinge design that also allows for a full 360 degree rotation for the screen, but the hinge screws are placed near the middle of the display (on the sides).

Both Dell and Lenovo will soon have competition in the hybrid Windows 8 laptop space from former budget computer maker Acer. Earlier today Acer posted a teaser video for an upcoming hybrid Windows 8 powered laptop that the company plans to fully unveil on May 3rd. The teaser video doubles as a teaser for the upcoming Star Trek movie (Star Trek Into Darkness, coming to theaters May 17, 2013), where I assume Acer will have their new laptop featured in select scenes. You can check out the teaser below:

Acer’s CEO J.T. Wang announced back in 2011 that Acer was going to start actively pursuing the higher-end market for computers. Since Wang made that announcement Acer has changed their company logo and started offering premium computers with their Aspire S series of thin+light laptop computers. This new computer will be the companies first revolutionary high-end laptop and they are already saying it will offer a new approach to type and touch with a notebook.

At this time Acer hasn’t revealed a product name of any kind for their new Windows 8 hybrid, but I think we’ll all be able to wait until next Friday to hear more about this new machine.

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