New Stylish and Affordable Business Laptops Unveiled By HP

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HP ProBook 400 series

HP ProBook 400 series

Earlier today Hewlett-Packard (HP) unveiled new business laptops. The new laptops offer a variety of attributes that HP believes small and medium-sized businesses in need of new laptop computers are looking for. The attributes that HP had in mind are simple stylish designs, solid performance and excellent mobility.

The new models introduced earlier today fit into two new model lines; the more basic HP  200 Series and the better equipped HP ProBook 400 series. HP describes the 200 series as being a group of new laptops that offer business users essential multimedia tools and connectivity for home and office computing. As for the HP ProBook 400 Series of everyday-use-ready business notebooks sleek styling, great battery life, solid durability, and security are all mentioned as attributes.

At this time the full specifications for either the HP 200 series or the HP ProBook 400 series aren’t available. However in their press announcement HP did acknowledge some main features for both series’ of business laptops.

For the HP 200 series buyers can expect to see technologies like the latest processors from both Intel and AMD, HP 3D DriveGuard which protects your hard drive data against a crash caused by damage being done to the laptop, HD (1366x-by-768 pixels native resolution) display, HDMI output, and high-quality Altec Lansing stereo speakers.

The new HP ProBook 400 series will come with the latest AMD and Intel processing solutions as options, an optional hybrid storage drive that matches a spinning HDD with a small-size SSD, HP Client Security, DTS Sound+ and optional 4G WWAN.

HP has left the display resolution for the majority of the options that will be available to citizens in just a few weeks. All of the Dell 200 series notebooks have a 1,366 x 768-pixels native resolution with a matte finish for improved visibility outside on a sunny day. The models offered with the ProBook 400 series mostly come with 1,366 x 768-pixels native resolution displays, but the 17-inch model does get a bump up to 1,600 x 900 pixels.

The new HP 200 Series business laptops will be made available for order later this month. Buyers of the 200 Series will get the option of 14-inch and 15.6-inch matte finish display sizes. Prices for the 200 Series will start at $249, according to HP. As for the HP ProBook 400 Series any potential owners can expect to see 13.3-, 14.0-, 15.6-, and 17.3-inches. HP says the 400 series will start at $499 when it’s released later this month.

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