Dell to Launch Slim and Sleek Mobile Workstation Soon – Precision M3800

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Dell Precision M3800 smTired of carrying around that heavy mobile workstation? Relief is on the way in the form of Ultrabook proportioned mobile workstations from PC makers Dell and HP. Both manufacturers are preparing to launch the thinnest and lightest mobile workstations the industry as ever seen.

In the coming months business computer giants HP and Dell will be releasing bold new thin and light mobile workstations that are so thin and light they could be mistaken for consumer laptops. From HP professionals will get the HP ZBook 14, a 14-inch notebook that ushers in yet another new line of HP notebooks as well as a totally new design for the company. Dell’s new mobile workstation joins the Precision line as the Dell Precision M3800, a notebook Dell has been whispering about for months. Both models are claimed to be the thinnest and/ore lightest mobile work station in the world.

Dell was first to claim thinnest and lightest with the M3800 with measurements that say the notebook is just 18mm thin with a starting weight of 4.5 lbs (2.04 Kgs). Unfortunately for Dell competitor HP has come along and surprised all by introducing their own new modern portable workstation which is lighter at 3.57 pounds than the Dell. Technicalities aside the new Dell Precision M3800 will be offer portability that is night-and-day in difference compared to the current market standard for portable workstations.

The thin and light design of the Precision M3800 comes as a result of aluminum and carbon fiber being used together for the first time in a Precision mobile workstation. The new Precision M3800 doesn’t merely look and feel differently from other Precision notebooks, in many ways the new M3800 is a total break from what has become the norm from Dell’s Precision notebooks when it comes to design. For the M3800 it appears that the usual extra focus on making an overall sturdy machine that meets the strict military standards for durability have been thrown out the window with the M3800. If you look through Dell’s consumer Ultrabook lineup you should quickly see design similarities between the M3800 and existing XPS Ultrabook models.

From the lid to the overall dimensions the M3800 screams XPS Ultrabook more so than it does Precision mobile workstation. Dell is likely to have opted for the more consumer-friendly design to expand their customer-base more so than to satisfy die-hard Precision fans. Potential competition for the Precision M3800 is likely to include the Apple Macbook Pro and Macbook Pro with Retina Display.

The Dell Precision M3800 doesn’t look very Precision-like, but the notebook will still have professional-class performance.

Dell Precision M3800 touch smIn the few details Dell has decided to release about this laptop we know it will have powerful NVIDIA® Quadro® K1100M graphics and a 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 quad-core processor. In order to further ease your performance worries Dell also confirms their M3800 will have Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certification, a guarantee that ‘demanding, specialized software runs at its full potential’ with the notebook. Another hardware feature of the M3800 that’s gotten the notebook most of its press is it’s QHD+ 3200-by-1800 pixel display with multi-touch capability that Dell promises will be available.

The amount of time Dell is taking to release the M3800 indicates the importance of this fresh new mobile workstation. The Precision M3800 represents a new direction that Dell could take their Precision line if the M3800 proves a success. The odds of seeing more Precision computers designed similar to the M3800 is very high given Dell’s willingness to release multiple variants once a design style proves commercially successful.

A release date is still infirm at the moment, just a cursory “coming soon” has been added to the landing page for the M3800. Just like the release the all important price of this thin and light mobile workstation is still unavailable even though Dell has been teasing this particular model since July.

Here’s a short teaser commercial for the Dell Precision M3800 that showcases the capabilities of this mobile workstation:


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